Suzanne Soderberg - Benccmark Mortgage



WHY: I love to help people get into homes that never thought they would be able to. I always say, "it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when." It makes me feel good to be able to help people going through a divorce and set them up for successful financing be it if they refinance the marital home or purchase a new one to start their new life.

ABOUT SUZANNE: I'm originally from Connecticut. Went to college in Boston. Originally went for the medical field. I love anything medical. I was going to become a forensics pathologist. I did autopsies for two years in college. I then decided I like to have actual conversation with people and did not want to be stuck in a morgue all day. I got into retail and was the manager at Filene's Basement. On a whim, my brother called me on a Saturday night, asked if I wanted to move to Arizona, and I figured why not. Within two weeks, I was living in AZ with no job, had never been here and rolled in at the beginning of summer. Did retail again for awhile, then fell into mortgages. Here I am, meeting tons of new, wonderful people in NIA.

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