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Janis WHY: I have been in the Health and Wellness Industry in multiple forms for over 30 years. Knowing eating healthier and exercise can solve 90% of issues, that has become a passion. I have seen so much illness working in cardiac rehab and the pharmaceutical industry and so much of this is preventable. Exercise (especially strength training) has so much power, even beyond getting stronger. You develop a discipline that will carry over to your business and personal life. It is so rewarding to empower people and see their success beyond just exercise.

About me: I am from Beaver Dam, WI. WI is a great place to grow up, however, when your professors in Grad School tell you to get out of the state and go somewhere you've never listen. I ended up moving to Tulsa, OK and met my husband Roy. We have been together for 25 years. I have a bonus son, Dylan who is 28. I have a huge passion for golf (really most sports), hiking, enjoying the outdoors, and working out. Roy and I have lived in Scottsdale now twice with a quick move to the East Bay in CA. We are very excited to be back in Scottsdale.

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